Hero's Prayer


A True Man of Honor

A true Man of Honor
is not a perfect man
for it is not in his own strength
that he's able to stand

But he worships and serves
a perfect God--for it is He
who gives him the courage
to stand against all odds

He's totally committed to God's impeccable truth
and ready to defend at any hour
consumed by His majesty and glory
and confident in His divine power

Though recognized for his tenacity and unfailing loyalty
his reputation stands on the foundation of divine grace and authority
his greatest attributes are integrity and humility
for these are the pistons that drives his powerhouse of ability

Carl Jones
Portsmouth, VA


Carl Brashear

January nineteenth nineteen thirty one,
McDonald and Gonzella Brashear gave birth to a son.
He was one of eight this little boy,
he would swim all day that was his toy.
Growing up in Kentucky during this time,
no running water or electricity but still happy times.
In 1948, he enlisted in the Navy,
a black man in diving people said he was crazy.
His shipmates were against him and called him names,
his challenges were different so an unfair game.

He never let words get in his way,
he pushed forth and became better every day.
His father was his inspiration, his guidance and strength,
He said, "Never give up Carl, go the extra length".
By 1965, he became the Leading Diver,
soon to follow up as Acting Master Diver.
In 1966, a bomb lost at sea,
caused an accident that took off his leg,
just below the knee.
This little set back never got him down,
his willingness to dive astounded all around.

The Navy said, "Carl you can't continue like this,
a one legged diver is strictly nonsense".
His strength and willingness was stronger than all,
he got back up every time he would fall.
He proved to the Navy he was good as could be,
He said, " Tell the others to try and keep up with me".

He retired from the Navy as a Master Diver,
he proved to them all he was a Survivor.
The first black man to ever receive this award,
his accomplishments taught others to keep pushing forward.

Carl saw his dream come true before he died,
As Jesus called him home at the age of seventy five.
He walked into Heaven with a smile on his face,
as Angels saluted his work of Grace.
And when he met Jesus I'm sure he heard,
Carl Brashear your legacy will live forever,
with those on earth.
So come now my child and walk with me,
together we will keep watch over those,
still at sea.

Russ Acree
Morrow, GA



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