Carl Brashear

Carl "Maxie" Brashear
Staying down was not an option in the eyes of Carl "Maxie" Brashear. There was too much to accomplish.

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USNS Carl Brashear
The seventh Lewis and Clark class Auxiliary Dry Cargo ship was given the name of Carl Brashear.

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Challenge Coin

New Commemorative Coin
This commemorative coin has been released to honor the extraordinary life of this American Hero.

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Navy Salvage School

A sharecropper's son with minimal formal schooling, Mr. Brashear joined the Navy in 1948 and endured years of racial taunts, even death threats, as he pushed ahead for what he hoped would be a glamorous diving career.

While on an aircraft carrier in 1950, he saw a mission to salvage a fighter plane that had fallen overboard.

"A Navy diver with helmet and diving suit was sent out to the ship and went down about 50 feet to attach lines to the plane," Mr. Brashear once told a Norfolk reporter. "Everyone on ship was looking at him. No one had ever paid much attention to me. I immediately thought that diving was something I wanted to do."

Carl Brashear Veterans Center

ABC affiliate WHAS 11 aired this piece about the campaign to remember Carl Brashear on Feb. 16, 2016 .

Travel Channel Video

The Travel Channel was kind enough to allow us to use this piece which aired on Mysteries at the Museum.

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Links to several press releases, blog reports, and interviews given by the Brashear family

News & Events

  • Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition

    Carl Brashear, whose life was remembered in the film Men of Honour, was a heroic figure, and Oris is delighted to announce the second limited edition watch made in his memory, a bronze-cased, two-counter chronograph.    More More

  • Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center

    The Radcliff Veterans Center, which opened earlier this year, officially was renamed for Brashear during a November 2017 dedication ceremony. It caps a two-year effort by local residents who worked to have the facility named for the Hardin County native.    More More

  • Facebook Live chat with Tony Palm

    Tony Palm talks with Greg & Hollie about renaming Radcliff Veterans Center on 98.3.       More More

  • Radcliff Veterans Center to honor Sonora native

    The Kentucky Depart­ment of Vete­rans Affairs announced Radcliff Vete­rans Center — the state's newest veterans home — will be named for Master Chief/Master Diver Carl M. Brashear.    More More

  • The Carl M. Brashear Foundation 2016 Navy Diver of the Year

    "A Navy diver is someone who has proven to themselves to get through any situation, and when the going gets tough, isn't going to turn their back and quit," said Navy Diver 1st Class Kenneth Dinette, the 2016 Navy Diver of the Year.     More More

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