The Wade Center

Phillip Brashear visited the Wade Center in Bluefield, W. Virginia on February 24, 2009. The Wade Center is an excellent community outreach facility dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental development of the Greater Bluefield area children, teens, and young adults.

Wade Center

Meeting with children at The Wade Center

In honor of Black History Month, Phillip was invited to speak to the center about his life and the legacy of his famous Navy father, Carl Brashear. Dozens of kids were in attendance as Phillip talked about flying helicopters, being in Iraq, and the importance of an education. The movie 'Men of Honor was shown to the group and the kids enjoyed a robust question and answer period that Phillip provided after the viewing. It was amazing how many types of questions were brought up by the crowd. The kids at the center were keenly aware of the movie that they were exposed to and their understanding of Carl Brashear struggles was evident.

Susan Young, who is on the Board of Directors for the Wade Center donated her time and efforts to outfit everyone with a memorial Carl Brashear T-shirt with Carl's favorite slogan, "It's not a sin to get knocked down, it's a sin to stay down". Everyone wore their shirt with pride and even wore them to school the next day. Susan Young is a Graphic Designer with the Visual Energy Group. Phillip met Susan at a Bluefield College Fundraising event in Nov 2008. The evening ended around 8pm and was deemed as a fantastic interesting, and stimulating success. Brian Checcio (Executive Director), Vicki Mahood (Program Director), Bill Whitt (Media Director), and the rest of the Wade Center staff were on hand and pleased at the program's successful turnout. These are a great group of Americans caring for our nation's most precious resource, our children.



Eaton Corporation Site Visit

On November 21st, 2008, the Eaton Corporation in Warwick, Rhode Island extended a warm welcome to Phillip and Sandra Brashear.

The Warwick Plant, which is an industry leader in the production of aerospace engine components and seals allowed Phillip to address the employees on site. Plant manager Marvin Pelser and assistant manager Peter Bennett took turns introducing Phillip to the individual groups in the site's conference room. Phillip showed a slide presentation of his deployment to Iraq along with giving the crowd a personal history lesson on the life of his famous military father, Carl Brashear. The presentation concluded with pictures of the dedication and launch of the United States Naval Ship Carl Brashear that occurred on September 18, 2008. Question and answer periods followed each of the four sessions Phillip gave throughout the day. Eaton employee Dawn Lodge was the event coordinator and held a fabulous luncheon for Phillip with the work leaders of the Warwick plant. Many thanks to the Eaton Corporation!


The Earl Hall Show

Phillip Brashear was a special guest on the Earl Hall Show on Thursday, November 6, 2008.

The last hour of the two-hour program was centered on the life of deceased Master Chief and Master Diver Carl Brashear. Earl Hall asked Phillip about his relationship with his famous father and other comprehensive questions dedicated to expose the real man behind the movie "Men of Honor" from a son's perspective. The lively conversation was highlighted by new facts about Carl Brashear not previously known by the general public. Earl Hall is the son of Pastor Earl Hall Sr., the congregational leader of the Greater Nazarene Baptist Church located in Mechanicsville, Virginia, (of which Phillip and his family are members). Earl Hall Jr. met Carl Brashear in person a few years ago while visiting his father's church. The Earl Hall Show is an online web-based talk program based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that provides meaningful conversation on today's relevant topics ranging from politics to personal relationships based on a Christian's point of view.



Eaton Corporation Employee Celebration

On October 10th, 2008, the Eaton Corporation in Jackson, Michigan literally rolled out the 'Red Carpet' for Phillip and his wife Sandy.

The Eaton Corporation held an Employee Celebration Day that included an outdoor cookout, free ball caps, and a congratulatory speech from the Vice president and General Manager Andy Weeks. The plant has been under extreme pressure to produce many of the items used by our military, especially on Army Blackhawk helicopters. It was Mr. Weeks' intent to honor his employees and allow them to hear from a direct consumer of their efforts. Phillip received a standing ovation before and after his presentation that included a slideshow of his time in Iraq (flying Blackhawks) and his famous military father, Master Chief and Master Diver Carl Brashear. As a special bonus, the plant celebrated the recent ship christening, the USNS Carl Brashear by ordering ball caps for all employees that displayed their pride in this great achievement. Over one thousand employees from two work-shifts and a local newspaper were present to witness the event. The whole affair was the idea of Eaton Employee Lori Barnett who coordinated the entire event and hosted the Brashears during the weekend. Many thanks to the Eaton Corporation!

Eaton Corporation Employee Celebration
Eaton Corporation Employee Celebration



110th Hospital Corps Birthday Ball

The Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (Virginia) held its 110th Hospital Corps Birthday Ball on June 21, 2008.

This grand event was held at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia. The guest keynote speaker was Retired Chief Petty Officer Harry Penny, who served as a Navy Corpsman during his career. During the ceremony, many fallen Navy Corpsman were honored. In April 2006, while Phillip was deployed to Iraq as an Army helicopter pilot, he personally retrieved the body of one of them on a special mission. As a special tribute, Phillip Brashear was given a few moments to reflect how the center played a significant part in his life and even more in his father's. Carl Brashear had several operations and had to undergo intense physical therapy at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital after his incredible accident in the year 1966. He died in the same hospital 40 years later! The center honored Carl Brashear's achievements with a framed aerial picture of the center and a decorative oar that will be donated to the upcoming USNS Carl Brashear.

110th Hospital Corps Birthday Ball
110th Hospital Corps Birthday Ball
110th Hospital Corps Birthday Ball



National Society of Black Engineers – 34th Annual National Convention March 19th-23rd

The Carl Brashear Foundation was on site in Orlando, Florida during the 34th Annual National Convention of the National Society of Black Engineers in March 2008.

By way of a special invitation of the United States Navy, Phillip Brashear was on hand to display vintage photos and video footage of his father to thousands of convention participants. Inside the convention halls, the name and legacy of Carl Brashear echoed the values of diversity that the US Navy was sharing with the thousands of college, high and middle school students that were in attendance. In the adjacent parking lot outside the center, onlookers marveled at the Navy dive team underwater tank setup. A few of the NSBE's high ranking members, including NSBE National Chair Darryl A. Dickerson and NSBE Executive Director Carl B. Mack, dared to join the divers in the underwater environment. NSBE was successful again in their ability to bring many Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and high-level government agencies together to offer opportunities to the crowds of top-notch minority students.

National Society of Black Engineers

Phil with Admiral Williams and NSBE Director Carl Mack in the tank (between them) with a Navy safety diver

National Society of Black Engineers

Phil with LT D.J. Holmes who was key in bringing the Carl Brashear legacy to the NSBE Convention


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